Chase Myers – Rock 92
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Chase was born and raised in Asheboro…yep, the same place as Chris Kelly…and grew up on good rock n’ roll. Ever since he got here he’s been trying to take Chris Kelly’s job, sometimes referring to himself as “little Chris Kelly,” like we really need another one of those… He’s a connoisseur of the “finer” things in life, such as golf, fancy coffee, and frat guy clothing. He’s a graduate of Appalachian State University – trust us, we know…he tells us all the time. The guy eats, sleeps, and breathes anything App State and slips away any chance he gets to find his way back up to Boone. Sometimes called the “music man” he’s the drummer and one of the lead singers for the triad’s number one party band, Bantum Rooster. His real rise to fame though came when he made a 10 second cameo on an episode of CONAN…at least he thinks he did. Actually, he’s your true southern gentleman…oh, and he’s always worried about his hair. Ladies and gentlemen….Chase Myers.